Elvis Always on my Mind Wyoming Fan Club


Welcome to the Elvis Always on my Mind Wyoming fan page!  This is the beginning of the first Elvis Fan Club in Wyoming, I can't express how very excited I am to introduce this page, so please take a few minutes to look around and do not hesitate to become a member! Elvis fans are held in the highest of regard, therefore membership is always free!

Wyoming is one of the last states to have an Elvis fan club, much less an E.P.E. registered fan club so this is a Huge deal for me!  Please take some time to look over my sight and contact me with anything and everything Elvis related!!

Thanks for visiting!

Long live The King~

A little bit about me, I have been an Elvis fan as long as I can remember and I am very proud and excited to start the first E.P.E. fan club in Wyoming!  Elvis was a huge influence in music, and even though he's been gone for 42 years, he's still changing music and influencing people!  His generosity is another way he's changed peoples lives... As this fan club evolves and grows I hope to take on that same spirit and help change peoples lives through charity and generosity.  On that note, I would like any input on what kind(s) of charity to be involved in....

God Bless and thank you very much!